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Visa Click to Pay brings the convenience of contactless to your online store

Visa Click to Pay is Visa’s implementation of EMVCo’s industry-wide standards and specifications that provide a fast, frictionless shopping experience. It uses EMV® Secure Remote Commerce technology and can fully integrate with online checkouts for a secure and seamless payment solution.
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Online shopping. Simplified.

By offering customers a smarter and more consistent way to pay online, Visa Click to Pay aims to replicate the simplicity and ubiquity of contactless payments.

Clear benefits for your business

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Use Visa Tokens to optimise security and performance


Uplift in authorisation rates1

Global average for Visa Token CNP transactions


Reduction in fraud risk2

Visa Token vs PAN-based CNP transactions

How it works

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Offer your customers a consistent, easy and secure online checkout experience

To learn more about how your business could benefit from Click to Pay, contact your Visa Account Executive or your Payment Service Provider or Gateway.

Other ways Visa helps keep your data secure

Here are just some of the ways Visa's technology helps protect sensitive data whilst supporting merchants to deliver better customer experiences in an ever-evolving commerce landscape.
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Have further questions about Visa Click to Pay?

Read our FAQs about the new way to checkout online with your Visa card.